Welcome to Woodward Recovery

When you’re ready to get the addiction recovery treatment you need, our drug rehab center is standing by to serve your needs. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to face addiction head-on, and we’ll provide you with the tools you need to overcome substance abuse and reach your recovery goals. At our substance abuse treatment center, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients are properly prepared to deal with everything that addiction may throw at them. We are committed to ensuring all of our clients have the very best opportunity possible to reach their goals for recovery.

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There are some substance abuse treatment facilities that provide every client who enters their addiction recovery program with precisely the same plan for addiction recovery treatment. At our drug addiction treatment facility, we subscribe to a different theory for treatment.

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What can we offer

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can say with confidence that the most effective way of treating an addiction is through a fully customized recovery plan.

Licensed Therapists

Our licensed therapist have over a decade of knowledge in the addiction field.

Medical Examination

We screen for any underlying issues that might hinder your recovery.

Support Groups

We build a support group so you don’t have to feel alone in this journey.

Individual Therapy

We believe by speaking one on one with a licensed therapist you can find the root cause of your addiction.

Daily Records

During treatment, we supervise your recovery to see if we could accelerate your progress.

Aftercare Services

We believe your journey begins after the program is completed. That is why we keep in constant contact with all our clients.